The photocollage combines images of landscapes with an intricately cut pattern. The pattern seen throughout the Islamic world consists of a repeated scrollwork motif, which is often found accompanying Arabic calligraphy. The photographic images offer different views of desert, scrubland and rocks at various times of the day, echoing the kind of images available on the different games on PSP.

The work brings together two distinct kinds of visual experiences, one (the photograph) that gives the illusion of depth, and the other (the pattern) that asserts the surface. This causes the background and foreground to vie for prominence, becoming so close at points that they become inseparable.

The work is in a scrambled state of metamorphosis, promising the unravelling of a whole image, which never emerges.
  Henna Nadeem

Henna Nadeem was born in Leeds but currently lives and works in London. She graduated from the Royal College of Art.

Her artistic practice incorporates photography, collage and public art installations. Her concerns include investigating ways to combine different kinds of visual and cultural languages and experience. She often works with found material - photos, stories and patterns to make something from something that already exists.

Henna has completed a number of large-scale public art commissions including, Sky Pavilion, a collaboration with a prominent London based architect. The 3m high steel structure in East London echoes the experience of sitting under a tree on a sunny day, where sunlight falling through the leaves and branches, form a patterned canopy of dappled light. Pattern also plays an important part in an earlier work. The design for Stars - a 13m long gate and railings on Brick Lane is based on a regular geometric pattern, that dissolves every time the double gates are opened.

Over the last few years Henna has been working on an ongoing series of photocollages, where clichéd images of landscapes, retrieved from books and magazines, are merged with patterns and motifs from a range of cultures. She has exhibited both in the UK and internationally. Recent projects include, trees water rocks, a large-scale installation of vibrant photocollages in Piccadilly Circus Underground Station, London. A recent solo exhibition at Newlyn Art Gallery, Penzance, Mar - Apr 2005, showcased new photocollages.

Henna is currently undertaking a residency at London Print Studio and working on an artist’s book project.