Jamil Arts —
Modern calligrapher who uses graphic bases and exhibits in Whitechapel and Mile End.

Ruh al-'Alam —
St Martins graduate who's contemporary work is very graphic based.

Aerosol Arabic —
Birmingham based former grafitti artist who now paints arabic calligraphy.

Tarek Atrissi —
Lebanese graphic artist living in Holland.

Raadiyah Bint-Safar —
Calligraphy painter who works with texture.

Lubna Chowdhary —
Ceramic artist who works with abstract and geometric patterns. She has been shortlisted for the Jerwood Prize 2001.
  Inspiral Design —
Graphic based artists who are now based in Turkey.

Rehan Jamil —
Photographer who also contributed to the highly successful O2 Changing Faces exhibition.

Koosai Kedri —
France/Chicago based artist who mixes contemporary design with parchment.

Hassan Massoudy —
Renowned French artist who has exhibited all over the world.

Henna Nadeem —
Collage artist who uses geometry and motifs over landscapes. She has recently exhibited at Piccadiily Circus Station.

Sadia Rafique —
St Martins graduate who works with varied media disciplines including film, print and graphics. Currently the sole Freelance Graphic Designer for Fourmarketing.

Mohsin Sajid —
Fashion graduate who has designed Premium designs for Duffer St George, Aquascutum + Levis Europe and Japan. Uses geometric patterns to form tailored pieces