Kufic Maze

6 colour screen-print on wood frame
90cm x 68.5cm x 5cm

The Kufic Maze was inspired by a recent trip to Iran where Kufic inscriptions adorn the walls of stunning architectural masterpieces. From a distance, the walls of calligraphic brickwork resemble computer chipboards and pixels. On closer scrutiny, the encoded messages hidden in geometric blocks become readable and meaningful. The Kufic Maze is intended to capture the interactive element of a game as well as play on the direct visual connection between the graphics of a maze and the Kufic script.

The Kufic Maze is entered through the word ‘raghba’, meaning desire in Arabic. The shortest pathway through the maze, makes-up the Arabic word ‘jamal’ meaning beauty while the exit is made through the word ‘hurriya’ meaning freedom. For the exhibition, the maze will be represented as a screen-print as well as a floor projection. Visitors to the exhibition will be encouraged to walk through it.
  Inspiral Design

Established in April 2000, ID specialises in the design and production of marketing and communications material for clients around the globe. Its team’s members, Mukhtar Sanders and Soraya Syed offer handcrafted solutions inspired by the artistic traditions of the Muslim world.

Mukhtar Sanders:
Right from an early age, Mukhtar has been inspired to create things. He studied at Art College for 6 years before graduating in Graphic Design. After college, he was fortunate enough to be an apprentice to Dr. Ahmed Moustafa, the renowned Egyptian artist and designer. He then went on to work for the Golden Web Project where he was part of a team constructing a ground-breaking multi-media website on world history. Through this work experience he gained his website and multimedia development skills.

In 2000, he decided to work for himself and so founded Inspiral Design; a highly creative graphic and web design studio. He has a wide range of international clients from Unesco to Yusuf Islam. At present, the company is based in Istanbul, Turkey where he lives and works with his wife Soraya Syed.

Soraya Syed:
Born in 1976, Soraya since childhood has been drawn to the arts. Her mixed ethnic background has meant she grew up exposed to Pakistani culture as well as the galleries and museums of London and Paris. In 1995 she completed the Foundation Course at Central St. Martins’ College of Art & Design, London. She went on to gain a First Class degree in Arabic & History of Art and Archaeology and a Masters in Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts.

Soraya believes in the importance of combining theoretical as well as practical knowledge in her art. She has exhibited in various countries and her written and visual work features in numerous publications. She has also led art workshops with children and adults in the UK and abroad.

She currently lives in Istanbul where she is pursuing an apprenticeship in the art of Islamic calligraphy. While traditional Islamic art and craftsmanship form the basis of her work, she is constantly looking at ways in which primordial principles of beauty and harmony can find expression through contemporary forms of media. A challenging task that she hopes Inspiral Design successfully undertakes.