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With this film I wanted to convey a discoverable beauty found not only in the calligraphic script but also in the eloquence found in the artist's resonance in producing the beautiful script. Truth and honesty of the artist is pure, therefore is beautiful, free and becomes desirable.
  Sadia Rafique

Sadia is a London based artist who graduated with a distinction at Central Saint Martins (CSM). Sadia was selected by Gucci for a three-month placement and joined a collaborative brief between CSM, IBM & Miranda Sawyer. She has also filmed, written & directed a short film, shown at the Curzon Soho Cinema, produced three promotional films for a Korean children's clothing company, and is currently working on a personal animation. Sadia has collaborated on fashion shoots published in Bolz magazine, worked for DRY, Fake London Genius and produced advertising for oki-ni. In her work with oki-ni, she designed the graphic for oki-ni's first branded t-shirts 'i-konik' and for their collaborative collections with Evisu, Evisu Donna and Deep Anger. Sadia's illustrations have been used throughout Fake London Genius's entire autumn/winter 05 collection. She collaborates with Red Dot and Maria Chen collections, where she designs Look Book's, and has provided placement graphics for T-shirts and Knitwear. Her current collaborations are with Evisu Donna plus the Lee Jeans collaboration with oki-ni under the Fourmarketing umbrella.

Sadia strives to collaborate with different artists to widen her perspective through her realisation that she needed a purpose. A purpose to work; a purpose to explore; a need for self-evaluations whether it be in collaboration with others or self initiated work. Sadia has a strong drive for contentment, which can be found through an open mind, experimentation, engaging in debatable issues and above all commitment to deliver. Having worked in different areas such as graphic design, fashion, film, web design and photography, she has let these skills mature with logic and confidence.

Sadia refers to a quote by Victor Papenek describing the designer as someone attempting to work the narrow bridge between order and chaos, freedom and nihilism, between past achievements and future possibilities. The result of the September 11 attacks brought a profound sense of awareness to Sadia where attentions diverted toward both her religion and cultural status in Britain. Being a British born Muslim, Sadia sees herself in the middle of two contradicting worlds. As Papenek had a realisation, so did she. Sadia realised that if she is to become a pioneer of design and communication she needs to be aware that the intelligences of linguistic, mathematical, visual, physical, musical, environmental, emotional, social, spiritual and practical are not set in stone but can be acquired (adapted from Bill Lucas, Changing Behaviours).